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my name is

Abhishek Maharjan

I'm an Electronics Engineer who loves all kinds of technologies. I'm not tied to just software or hardware. I think software and hardware are two halves of a whole.

"People who are really resious about software should make their own hardware"

- Alan Kay

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my Experiences

What I did in the past and what I am doing now.

R&D Engineer - Javra Software

Feb 2016 - Present

My responsibility are to research on new technologies and develop working prototypes based on new technologies.

IT Engineer - Spaces Magazine

Oct 2015 - Dec 2015

Was responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure of the Company. While working here, i started Spaces Newsletter, Spaces Blog and researched on eCommerce platforms for the company.

Firmware Intern - Real Time Solutions

Nov 2014 - Feb 2015

During my time at RTS, i worked on ZigBee Stack for NXP, USB implementation on EFM32 Microcontroller. I also gained a lot of experience working ith RTOS.

President - Robotics Club Kathmandu Engineering College


I've been a member of the Robotics Club since 2012. Here i worked on numerous projects and looked after projects done by other member as the Project Coordinator. In the final year of college, i managed the club as the President.


2012 - 2015

I along with my friends from Robotics Club have conducted various Workshops on Embedded System and Robotics.



I've participated in a bunch of National Level Robotics Competitions like Yantra and Techkriti. I've also participated couple of times in other technical events like Locus and MSTC.

my education

The studies which partially made the developer that I am now.

Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal


Studied Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Pentagon International College, Kathmandu, Nepal


Studied science and choose Computer Science as an elective subject.

Aptech Computer Education


This is where i learnt basic Networking and Web designing

Gynodaya Bal Batika, Lalitpur, Nepal


I studied here till 10.

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Lalitpur, Nepal.

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